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Texas Bee Supply is growing and we're taking you with us! Click to learn more.
Texas Bee Supply is growing and we're taking you with us! Click to learn more.

Terms & Conditions

I agree that the bees I received from Texas Bee Supply are my responsibility once I leave the Texas Bee Supply premises. TBS is not responsible if my bees develop disease, contract pests, swarm, die, or perform less than my expectations. I understand I am responsible to care for them from this day forward and I will not hold TBS liable for any reason concerning bees received from them today.

If, upon inspecting my bees within 14 days of acquisition, they are discovered to be less than healthy or otherwise unsatisfactory, I agree to contact TBS directly and discuss the issue to work out an acceptable solution according to the 14-day Healthy Bee Guarantee.

I release Texas Bee Supply from all liability relating to injuries that may occur while on the TBS property and agree not to bring a lawsuit against Texas Bee Supply for any reason.

I understand that bees are pickup only and will not be delivered to me by Texas Bee Supply.  I understand that my pickup location and pickup date are critical to the quality of my bees.  I understand that there is a $25 restocking fee if I change my pickup location or pickup date.

If I fail to pickup my bees on my chosen pickup date and choose to take a refund, I understand that Texas Bee Supply will refund the purchase price of my bees less a 20% restocking fee.

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