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Wholesale Harvest

Wholesale Harvest

  • Honey Gate for Easy Dispensing

    Honey Gate


    A honey gate allows you to bottle straight from the bucket. If you are using a bucket to store your honey, then a honey gate is a must have item! ...

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  • Combcapper tool



    Fits any standard 5 gallon (18.92 l) bucketHolds shallow, medium & deep frameUnderside recessed arch provides added stabilityHands-free capabil...

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  • Honey Refractometer - Measure the sweetness

    Honey Refractometer


    This Refractometer combines affordability with high quality accuracy! Measures moisture from 12%-27% and works in any strong light. This Refractome...

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  • Honey dipper.

    Honey Dipper


    A timeless classic, our wooden Honey Dippers make a great addition to your honey gift baskets!

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