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Package Bees - Wentzville, MO (St Louis Area) - The Bee Truck - Saturday April 6, 2024

Original Price $195.00
Current Price $185.00

The Bee Truck NOW delivers
to the St. Louis MO area!

Step 1: 

Preorder your 2024 honey bees

  • Roughly 10,000 bees each
  • A new, mated queen bee
  • Italian & Carniolan hybrid (great for beginner beekeeping)
  • "Bee Bus" cage for easy transportation
  • Bulk discounts available

Step 2: 

Pick up your package bees!

April 6th, 2024

The Bee Truck is buzzing its way to St. Louis MO area, scheduled to arrive at the optimal moment for your bees to thrive. We've chosen the delivery date to maximize the survival and productivity of your new pollinators. Get ready to welcome your buzzing companions at the peak of their potential!

How to keep yourself protected from your bees

You will need to protect yourself! Our full Super Suit is going to protect you from almost 100% of bee stings, and last for years. However, if you are on a budget, or don’t mind the occasional sting, you can purchase any other options!
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