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Summer 2023 -TX5000 Single Story with Unmarked Queen


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Summer Bee's are available!!!

The TX5000 - Our own Italian Carniolan strain is a dependable and hardy honey producer that offers superior quality. 

For summer pickups we offer a date range.  Choose your pickup week and come on whichever day that week that works best for you.  Round Rock pickups are on Saturdays only.

These bees are available in a single story hive set-up with everything the bees need to get started.  Choose your pickup location and pickup date range to reserve your bees today.

The Bee Supply does not ship bees.  Our bees are pickup only

Bees are available to pickup 11 AM - 6 PM. 


How to keep yourself protected from your bees

You will need to protect yourself! Our full Super Suit is going to protect you from almost 100% of bee stings, and last for years. However, if you are on a budget, or don’t mind the occasional sting, you can purchase any other options!
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