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Why we talk about feeding so much…

I'm sure you've wondered, is all this feeding really that necessary? The answer- it kinda is! Education and your success is a huge focus for us at TBS. When we talk bees, we try to keep it really practical, and try to teach methods that are most likely to help you succeed. The saying, "Ask 10 beekeepers a question and you will get 13 answers," is so very true. There are many ways and opinions on how to do everything in beekeeping! We try to focus on proven methods that work. Sometimes we err on the side of more bee care than some, but that's just because we want your bees to thrive!

Feeding is one of the most critical elements to get right, along with controlling mite populations. Both are essential to understand during the summer.

That's because mite levels peak in the summer and bees have to endure a major flower (food) dearth, while their population is at its max size.

Our bees are also raising baby bees which will then need to go on to survive the winter. Just like we wouldn't leave our dogs or horses without adequate food, water, and shade during the summer, our bees need us too! Check out the videos on the facing page, join our monthly zoom calls, and reach out to if you have 

Can I Overfeed?

Feeding Summer Pollen

Feeding Summer Syrup

Drawing Summer Comb

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