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About Us
Blake Shook, along with his parents, Lyndon and Tammy Shook, founded The Bee Supply in 2016. Blake has been keeping bees since he was a young teen and has grown his commercial beekeeping business to thousands of hives. When his parents had an empty metal building and a few acres to utilize for a small business, Blake approached them about another dream of his - starting a bee supply store to help local beekeepers. And thus, The Bee Supply was born.

Why are We Here? The beekeepers at The Bee Supply exists to help new, intermediate and advanced beekeepers succeed in their efforts to raise bees and produce honey. Whether you have 1 or 1000 hives, we offer the products you want and need to help your bees thrive.

What do We Do? We sell bees and queens, a full line of beekeeping equipment, deliver orders to some local beekeeping clubs at no charge, offer a wide variety of beekeeping classes and extracting services, and are the only distributor in the world of the SUPER SUIT. We also offer personalized help with your hives and answer thousands of questions a year for our customers.