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Beehive Treatment

Beehive Treatment

  • Varroa EasyCheck image

    Varroa EasyCheck


    Designed for effectiveness: The filter basket is the key to EasyCheck’s reliability Quick and easy to use, 3 easy steps Easily transportable and b...

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  • Api-Bioxal 350g product image


    from $10.95

    Varroa destructor mites (an external parasite) weaken honey bees and can lead to the demise of your hive if left untreated. Api-Bioxal is an oxali...

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  • Pro Health Supplement Bottle

    Pro Health

    from $32.95

    Boost your honey bees' health with our Pro Health feeding supplement, enriched with essential oils to support their well-being and overall hive vit...

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  • apivar


    from $18.90

    Apivar® Kills up to 99% of mites in one application Continuously released in the colony over a six-week period, ensuring healthy and productive hi...

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