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"The Bee Warranty"

Optional Limited Extended Bee Warranty

This Limited Warranty applies to any bees purchased in the form of packages, nucs, or single story hives, from The Bee Supply (the “Physical Goods”)

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty covers the life of the bees during the warranty period specified by the warranty product. 

The Bee Supply will replace, at no charge, the bees and single queen per colony in the event the bees and queen die during the warranty period. The replacement exchange will take place in May of the following year. Example: If bees are purchased and picked up in 2024 die, the customer follows claim requirements, the bees will be replaced in May of 2025. 

How long is the warranty valid?

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase until April 1 of the following calendar year. 

How do we replace your bees?

The Bee Supply will replace at no charge, a similar volume of bees and  a mated queen to match in volume what the customer picked up on their scheduled pick up date. The Bee supply will swap out five frames of bees and queen with five frames of GOOD bee comb PER HIVE. GOOD comb is defined as not containing wax moth damage or any other damage. 

The bees and queen that will be given to the customer will be the breed referred to as “TX5000.” This breed of bee will be used regardless of the type of bee originally purchased. 

What does this limited warranty not cover?

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • The woodenware, supplies, nuc boxes, package containers, tools, or any other merchandise purchased with the bees. 
  • Bees purchased from other suppliers. 
  • Only the queen. The hive (all of the bees) must all die during the warranty period. 
  • Bees that have been proven to be intentionally killed. 
  • The bees during the standard 30-day post-pickup warranty. That 30-day post-pickup warranty not only covers the bees in the event of their death, but also covers any issues that occur with the bees. This extended warranty takes effect at the moment the 30-day post-pickup warranty expires. In the event there is confusion on which warranty is in effect, the warranty that is more beneficial will be applied.   

What does the customer have to do to use the warranty?

The customer must fill out a BEE CLAIM form that can be found on the product page. 

The customer will then be scheduled for a BEE WARRANTY pick up day in May of the following year. The claim should be filed within 45 days of the loss. 

The bees will NOT be picked up or delivered from or to the customer’s property. The customer MUST schedule a pick up date at any of our bee pick up locations. 

The customer must bring back five frames with bee comb in GOOD condition. In the event that the customer does not have frames of good comb, TBS will have frames to purchase on pick up days.  

What voids the bee warranty?

During the warranty period the customer MUST feed AT LEAST 5 gallons of syrup OR 5 sugar bricks AND 4 pollen patties. The customer must ALSO test  for Varroa mites and if needed treat at least once for mites using a commonly recognized varroa mite treatment. The customer can prove this information by either purchasing the listed products from TBS or submit receipts during the claims process. The customer can find helpful information regarding feeding and treatment in our management guide.