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  • How to Use a Refractometer
    June 27, 2024 Chari Elam

    How to Use a Refractometer

    How to Use a Refractometer Having your own refractometer is a necessity when you begin harvesting salable honey. With it, you can be certain you are selling a product that meets the recommended guidelines to prevent fermentation. The most important...

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  • Spun or Whipped Honey
    November 2, 2022 Blake Shook

    Spun or Whipped Honey

    By: Bishop Decker “Spun or Whipped” honey is actually crystallized honey with a key difference from honeys that have naturally crystallized. With naturally crystallized honeys, the crystals are grainy, a bit like granulated sugar. Spun or whipped honey has been...

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  • Honey - Frozen in Time ... Or is it?
    November 2, 2022 Blake Shook

    Honey - Frozen in Time ... Or is it?

    By: Nanette Davis - Master Beekeeper Youth Mentor Director Montgomery County Beekeepers Association  With the exceptional winter weather and possible snow days at home, you may have started to wonder exactly what happens to honey at freezing temperatures. Then after...

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  • Options for Selling Honey in Texas
    October 28, 2022 Blake Shook

    Options for Selling Honey in Texas

    Part One   By: Lynne Jones It is said, “If you ask twelve beekeepers a question, you’ll get at least 13 different answers.” Unfortunately, this applies to the question of selling honey as well. In this two-part article, I’ll try...

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  • Honey Crystallization
    October 20, 2022 Blake Shook

    Honey Crystallization

    Pamela and husband Steve, own and operate        Barton Creek Honey in Barton Creek & Bastrop, TX. Pamela is a Univ. of Georgia trained honey judge  and has managed the Texas Beekeepers Assn. Honey Show. She is a Master Beekeeper...

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