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  • Heating Honey

    Heating Honey

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly By: Kellie Lynn Jensen Honey is not only delicious but is packed full of wonderful things that are beneficial to our health and well being such as antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, amino acids, minerals,...

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  • Preparing Honey for a Show

    Preparing Honey for a Show

    By: Dodie Stillman Dodie Stillman and Ann Harmon 2019  TBA Convention - San Antonio  After 2020 preventing an in-person convention, TBA is very excited to host the 2021 Texas Beekeepers Association “in person” Convention at Moody Gardens – Galveston, TX....

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  • Drifting


    By: Scott Souders Wait - This isn't my House! In all the places I have lived, it seems there is always one house somewhere nearby with way too many people living there. Neighbors probably thought the same about my house...

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  • Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    Whether you have 1 hive or 10,000 hives, keeping up with what you’ve done, what you need to do and when it needs to be done can be daunting. The topic of record keeping for beekeepers has long been a...

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  • Diagnosing Hive Death

    Diagnosing Hive Death

    The following is a broad overview of conditions and causes most commonly found in backyard beekeeper “dead outs.” Some of these conditions are “seasonal” but so many of them could be in any season throughout the year. Condition: Dead bees head...

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  • Honey Testing

    Honey Testing

    Have you ever wondered where your bees forage? Me too! Did you know your honey “tells the story”? Turns out a LOT of beekeepers send honey samples to Texas A & M University for pollen testing! Full disclosure – we’ve...

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  • Foraging for the Future

    Foraging for the Future

    No matter what demographic of beekeeper you are (urban, suburban, rural, hobby or commercial), honey bee forage should be an aspect of beekeeping you think about. I’ve often said, “Urban and suburban area honey bees generate the very best honey”!...

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  • Beekeeping Safety

    Beekeeping Safety

    Being a beekeeper can be very rewarding but along with the rewards come some safety hazards. The most common of these are allergic reactions, fire hazard, lifting hazard and exposure to some toxins. The two most important considerations to help...

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  • Fun Facts

    Fun Facts

    Why do bees build hexagons? First, hexagons are a model of efficiency. Hexagons are one of only three shapes that can provide regular tessellation, which refers to the covering of a surface with a repeating pattern of a shape that...

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  • Amazing Honey Bee Vision

    Amazing Honey Bee Vision

    By: Ed Erwin Montgomery County Beekeepers Association Mentor Director Master Beekeeper If you really want to stump non-beekeepers (and sometimes beekeepers), ask them how many eyes a bee has. They may be very surprised when you tell them the answer is...

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  • Moving Hives

    Moving Hives

    At some point in your beekeeping journey, moving a hive (or hives) will be necessary. Here are some tips to help make it a smooth – stress free event. By: Chari Elam Long distance move (beyond your property) Prepare the...

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