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Why Feed Syrup?


Feeding syrup is, for most regions, a critical aspect of hive management. There are times when feeding is not necessary. However, as a beekeeper, you will most likely need to feed frequently, or at least at some points in your beekeeping journey. 

Feeding syrup strategically can help:

  • Building honeycomb
  • Prevent summer or winter starvation
  • Encourage brood production
  • Allow you to harvest more honey
  • Allow you to give your hive important supplements

If you are in a tropical area, or do not harvest any honey from your hive, you may only have to feed minimally. However, in drought conditions, or poor honey production years, you may still have to feed to sustain your bees. Bees are very good at finding food for themselves, but don’t forget they are livestock. We would never consider leaving horses, cows or goats in an empty field and never check to make sure there is enough grass available for them. And, in certain times of the year, it is almost certain there won’t be, so we feed them. Bees are no different- we must ensure they have sufficient forage available, and if not, feed them.

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