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How Much Honey is OK to Harvest from Your Hive?

This year is stacking up to be a very unusual year when it comes to honey production. As the rains continue in North, Central and South Texas, honey production has all but stagnated for the most part.

For Small Scale beekeepers this is disheartening, but for Sideliner and Commercial beekeepers this can be a serious financial hit.

Knowing how much honey to leave and how much to take may not be too hard this year for those very reasons. But, as with any year, wet or dry - leaving ALL of the honey our bees store away in the brood nest is a given.

Harvesting anything above the brood nest is yours for the taking. But remember to always feed after you've harvested - giving your bees the opportunity to rebuild their winter reserves as well as keep them busy for the summer months.

Check out this video where Blake shows you his opinion on how much honey to take and how much to leave.

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