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Is My Hive Ready to Split?

Your hive should have the following things before you try to make a split:

  1. No brood diseases 
  2. At least 6 frames full frames of brood (eggs, larva & capped brood all count as brood) and more than 6 frames covered front and back with bees. A “full frame of brood” would be considered a deep frame that is at least ⅔ full on both sides with either eggs, larva, or capped brood, or a combination of all stages. Generally you want to have a mixture of all stages in a split. 
  3. At least 4 frames of honey, or you are feeding heavily.
  4. Varroa mites are under control and you don’t have an infestation spiraling out of control.
  5. Your hive is generally healthy & growing with no apparent issues. 
  6. At least 1 cumulative frame worth of stored pollen.
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