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  • Drifting


    By: Scott Souders Wait - This isn't my House! In all the places I have lived, it seems there is always one house somewhere nearby with way too many people living there. Neighbors probably thought the same about my house...

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  • Hive Forensics

    Hive Forensics

    By: CHARI ELAM Or maybe better titled - "What in the world happened to my hive?" I first wrote a version of this article last year about this time and received very good feedback from a lot of beekeepers! Turns out,...

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  • Chilled Brood

    Chilled Brood

    What is chilled brood? Like other beekeeping terms – the name describes the condition. When a beekeeper opens the hive to inspect, check the queen, or just to look, it prevents the nurse bees from clustering on the frame potentially...

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    The Theory Behind it All By: James Elam Theory- a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. The theory of reversing brood boxes comes from the belief that a colony of honey bees, when necessary,...

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  • Secrets to Drawing Comb

    Secrets to Drawing Comb

    By: Blake Shook In most circumstances, bees draw out comb much faster, and more cheaply, with the help of supplemental feeding. While bees can absolutely draw out wax on their own without feeding during a honey flow, remember it takes...

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  • Dearth Vader

    Dearth Vader

    “Dearth” and “Drought” can be synonymous… By: Chari Elam August – For some beekeepers, death can be as intimidating as Darth Vader from Star Wars!  Dearth  Definition: A scarcity or lack of something – In a honey bee’s life, it...

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    By: Chari Elam I can’t tell you how many seasoned beekeepers I’ve talked to that whisper quietly so no one will hear: “I get into my hives, and it never looks like it’s supposed to, and as I look, I get confused at what...

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  • Record Keeping -

    Record Keeping -

    Hive Management Software can make it easy! By Micky Cross - Past 1st Vice President Montgomery County Beekeepers Association If you’re a beekeeper like me, you know that tracking your hive inspections, the age and origin of your queens, your...

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  • When to Give Up on a Hive

    When to Give Up on a Hive

    You've worked hard, spent money, maybe made a bit of honey, but now your hive looks terrible. There aren't many bees, the wax moths are starting to move in, and robber bees are stealing what honey is left. When is it time to give up on a hive vs. trying to save it? The graph on the next two pages is designed to help you with that decision. Whether a hive is worth saving or not depends a bit on the time of year, and the history of the hive. As you can see on the chart, a hive with 3 frames of bees going into winter has virtually no chance of survival.
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  • Propolis


    The Bees' Miracle Mud! Have you ever wondered what that gunky stuff is that glues our bee boxes together making it “pop” when we break the seal? That's propolis! Not really high-tech stuff – basically just the “ooze” that drips...

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