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Tools to Extract Honey


  • A sturdy 10 frame fume board for effective beekeeping
    10 frame fume board

    10 Frame Fume Board


    Apply Honey Robber® or Honey Bandit to the felt under side of the fume board and place on top of the hive. The black corrugated top works to raise ...

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  • Filter bag for 5 gallon bucket.
    Filter bag for 5 gallon bucket.

    Filter Bag for 5 Gallon Bucket


    Easily strain out particles of wax and debris out of your honey with these convenient 5 gallon honey filters. Fits inside a 5 gallon bucket.

  • 8 Frame Fume Board - Efficient and Effective Beekeeping Tool
    8 frame fume board

    8 Frame Fume Board


    Apply Honey Bandit or Honey Robber® to the felt underside of the fume board in the shape of an "X" or "S". Place fume board on top of the upper sup...

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  • Honey Refractometer - Measure the sweetness

    Honey Refractometer


    This Refractometer combines affordability with high quality accuracy! Measures moisture from 12%-27% and works in any strong light. This Refractome...

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  • Maxant 3100 Leg Kit Image

    Maxant 3100 Leg Kit


    This leg kit fits all of the 3100 Maxant series of extractors Leg Kit Instructions

  • Copy of honey robber pint.

    Fischer's Bee Quick


    Fischer's Bee-Quick® quickly clears supers of bees with its all-natural blend of oils and herbal extracts, and it's even Food-Grade under FDA regul...

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  • Maxant power conversion upgrade.
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    Maxant Power Conversion Upgrade


    This electric motor converts your hand powered extractor into a power extractor -  Video Demo & Instructions Power Conversion Instructions