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Honey Harvesting Accessories


  • Super Bag
    Super Bag - The Ultimate Carry-All Solution

    Super Bag

    from $13.79

    Tired of storing supers in leaky trash bags that pests can still get into? We have created an easy and convenient way to safely store your honey s...

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  • Combcapper - The Ultimate Hair Styling Tool
    Combcapper tool



    Fits any standard 5 gallon (18.92 l) bucketHolds shallow, medium & deep frameUnderside recessed arch provides added stabilityHands-free capabil...

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  • Unlock the Sweet Secret: Discover the Ultimate Honey Saver Scoop!
    Honey saver scoop.
    Sold out

    Honey Saver Scoop


    The Honey Saver Scoop helps you get more honey out of your buckets with ease. Don't waste any of your precious crop!

  • Rustic metal pail transformed into a charming bird perch.
    A sturdy metal pail perch for your feathered friends

    Metal Pail Perch


    The pail perch is a great tool for transferring honey from one container into another. The perch rests on the side of the receiving container and y...

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  • Vinyl apron.
    Vinyl apron.

    Vinyl Apron

    Original Price $40.65
    Current Price $25.00

    Help protect your clothing while extraction with our apron. Apron has adjustable strap around the shoulders. Clip in belt at the waist and adjusta...

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