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Choosing the Right Queen Bee for Your Hive

At The Bee Supply, we're here to guide you through a seamless selection of our remarkable queen bees for sale. Ensuring the success of your beekeeping adventure starts with the queen. From the prolific Golden Cordovan to the resilient Italian Carniolan, our curated range of queens caters to your hive's specific needs and environmental conditions. Select confidently and elevate your beekeeping practice with a queen that leads your bees to prosperity.

Italian Carniolan Queen Bees for Sale

Italian Carniolan Queens are a testament to the beauty of beekeeping genetics, offering beekeepers the best traits from both Italian and Carniolan bees. These hybrid queens are celebrated for their exceptional adaptability, which allows them to thrive in a variety of environments while providing beekeepers with a balance of gentleness and productivity.


  • Hybrid Vigor: The crossbreeding of Italian and Carniolan bees results in a queen with increased resilience against environmental stressors and pests.
  • Balanced Temperament: These queens are known for their gentle nature, making them easier to manage, especially for new beekeepers.
  • Honey Production: With a strong foraging instinct, Italian Carniolan colonies are dependable producers of honey, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

The Italian Carniolan Queen is the perfect choice for those who desire a balance between a friendly hive and exceptional honey yields. Whether you're an experienced beekeeper or just embarking on your journey, the qualities of these queens make them a versatile and wise addition to any apiary.

Inoculated Marked Italian Queen Bees for Sale

The Inoculated Marked Italian Queen is at the forefront of beekeeping innovation, offering protection against one of the most devastating diseases affecting honeybees: American Foulbrood. Our Marked Italian Purebred Queens are inoculated with the revolutionary Dalan Vaccine and safeguarded by an "Arrive Alive Guarantee."


  • Disease Resistance: The Dalan Vaccine equips the queens and their progeny with transgenerational immunity against American Foulbrood, setting a new standard for hive health.
  • Early Immunity: Larvae from inoculated queens inherit the vaccine's protective benefits, offering an early start to a disease-resistant colony.
  • Gentle and Robust: Known for their docility and resilience, these queens can improve overall hive temperament and survival through harsh conditions.
  • Hive Productivity: The combination of rapid colony build-up in spring and strong foraging traits leads to impressive honey yields from hives headed by these queens.
  • Hygiene and Vigor: Highly hygienic behavior reduces pest and pathogen risks, while prolific brood-rearing supports a strong workforce of bees.

Adopting an Inoculated Marked Italian Queen signifies a progressive step forward in apiary management. Focused on the future, these queens offer a combination of classic Italian bee traits with cutting-edge disease protection, fusing tradition with innovation for the well-being of your bees.

Russian/Carniolan Marked Queen Bees for Sale

The Russian/Carniolan Marked Queen is an exceptional choice for beekeepers who prioritize health and sustainability in their colonies. This hybrid queen brings together the resilience of Russian bees with the gentleness and winter hardiness of Carniolan bees, making for a robust and manageable hive population.


  • Varroa Mite Resistance: The natural resistance to Varroa mites found in Russian bees helps minimize the need for chemical treatments, promoting a healthier hive environment.
  • Brood Cycle Adaptation: These queens are adept at adjusting their brood production based on resource availability, thus efficiently managing colony strength during times of nectar scarcity.
  • Hygienic Behavior: Russian/Carniolan bees are characteristically good housekeepers and proficient in maintaining a clean and disease-resistant hive.
  • Gentleness and Productivity: These queens exhibit the docile nature of Carniolan bees, which makes them conducive to safe hive inspections and productive wax and honey flows.
  • Lower Robbing Tendencies: With less inclination to rob neighboring colonies, these bees reduce the risk of spreading diseases and parasites, promoting overall apiary health.

Selecting a Russian/Carniolan Marked Queen represents an investment in a self-sufficient and resilient bee community. Their unique traits make them ideally suited for beekeepers looking for a less-intensive management approach while still enjoying the rewards of a vigorous and productive hive.

Carniolan Marked Queen Bees for Sale

Carniolan Marked Queens, with included shipping, stands as an ideal solution for beekeepers searching for a stress-free option to introduce new, high-quality genetics into their hives. Carniolan bees, originating from the Slovenian region, are favored for their overwintering strength and gentle behavior, making them a valuable asset for any apiary.


  • Exceptional Overwintering: Carniolan bees are known for surviving and thriving in cold climates, reducing winter losses and ensuring a robust start to the spring season.
  • Gentle and Manageable: With these queens, beekeepers can enjoy easy handling and minimal defensive behavior, leading to a safer beekeeping experience.
  • Efficient Housekeeping: These queens produce bees that exhibit excellent hygienic practices, which can reduce the prevalence of disease and parasites within the colony.
  • Strong Honey and Wax Producers: Carniolan bees are diligent workers, often producing impressive honey harvests and plentiful wax.

By choosing a Carniolan Marked Queen, beekeepers are getting a queen revered for her overwintering and productivity traits and the added convenience of shipping. This option simplifies the process of acquiring a new queen, allowing beekeepers to focus on the well-being and prosperity of their hives.

If you're pondering which queen bee will be right for you, don't hesitate to contact us. At The Bee Supply, our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and guide you to the perfect match. With years of beekeeping expertise and a passion for apiculture, we're here to ensure you make the right choice for your beekeeping needs. Contact us today to discuss your options and embark on the journey to a thriving, healthy colony.


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