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Apis Biologix

Respecting and mimicking nature in the finest of details – BIO-ACTIVATOR is intended to bring the nutritional profile of pollen supplements into alignment with that of floral pollen. 

•The first full spectrum amino acid profile

•The first to provide the critical neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

•The first to provide trace mineral replacement / supplementation for apiaries existing within an agricultural context.

•The first to bring you the leading edge science of microbially produced menaquinones (Bacillus Subtilis / Vitamin k2 - MK7), following natures intricate design.

•The first to bring you the leading edge science of Bifidobacterium produced metabolites (or post biotics) through delivery / application of our proprietary BIO-ACTIVE profile.

The indented use of Apis Bio-Nutrition is to provide a meaningful nutritional support program that can be employed during high stress situations for improved operational consistency and ‘control’ over season-to-season variability. 

Providing nutritional support for the growth and immune status of the colony  in the following application(s): 

Building Population * Winter preparation * Dearth, or nutritionally depleted conditions * Pollination events * Nutritional Support for Queen Rearing* Mobilizing / Transport. 

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