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Case of 10 Medium Premier Assembled Frames w/YELLOW Foundation

Our medium assembled frame combines all the benefits of Puracell™ foundation with the highest quality frame in beekeeping.
Sturdy, select-grade white pine is joined by waterproof Hivebond™ 4000 wood glue and 6 18-gauge staples to remain resilient for years to come.

Puracell™ foundation’s true-to-nature cell pattern and 100% capping beeswax coating prompts bees to draw comb faster than any other foundation. Plus, virgin, FDA-approved plastic withstands any warping, blowouts, or breakages.

Frame ships fully assembled with foundation.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 19” x 6-1/4”

  • Product weight (10-pack): 6.5 lbs

  • Foundation cell size: 5.3 mm

  • Wax coat: Single, heavy coat of 100% pure capping beeswax from A.H. Meyer & Sons

  • Color options: Black, White, Yellow

  • For use in 6-5/8" supers

  • Lumber: Select-grade eastern white pine

  • Plastic material: Virgin, food-grade plastic (BPA-free)

  • Made 100% in the United States of America


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