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Internal Sugar Brick & Patty TRAY/Feeder Shim

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NO MORE SMALL HIVE BEETLES in your bee feed! The Internal Sugar Brick & Patty Tray provides the perfect solution to make room for sugar bricks, fondant and pollen patties! It allows bees to access feed from all sides, including the underside, which prevents small hive beetles from laying eggs & larva hatching under the feed.

This tray CAN be used between boxes as well as on top of a hive. This is primarily helpful for feeding pollen patties. A very strong hive, very full of bees will eat the pollen patty on top like we show in the pictures & videos. But, a weaker hive with lower bee population may not eat the suspended pollen patty on the top of the hive. They should, however, eat a sugar brick at the top without issue assuming the second box is at least half full of bees.

If you do have the tray between boxes, your primary risk is the bees building lots of burr comb in the space you've added between boxes. Just check once a week to ensure excess burr comb is not being created. If it is, you can move the tray to the top, or clean up the burr comb.

This tray can be left on the top in the winter to feed sugar bricks as well. Because SHB are not a threat in the winter, you can actually flip the tray over, place the sugar brick directly on the top bars for better access for the bees, and just use the tray as a spacer. There is enough space when flipped for the screened portion to be above the brick.

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