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Fits between the brood chamber and super with its four sided frames. The pollen trap sits on the outside of the hive boxes. Once the old entrance is blocked off, the bees will enter through the pollen trap entrance and go through a screen, knocking the pollen off and into the pollen trap drawer. The drawer opens easily to harvest your pollen. Close off for 2 - 3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores.

"Easy harvest" pull out drawer
Close by pulling the tubes for 2-3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores
Fits standard 10 frame equipment only.

Instructions on Assembling and Using the Pollen Trap:

Step One: Assemble the rim: place the end bar and side bar together and nail or staple the corners together. Use a construction square to make sure corners are square.

Step Two: Place the rim between 1st and 2nd brood chambers with extension to the front. Place boxes back onto the hive.

Step Three: Block the lower entrance completely, forcing the bees to use the new entrance between 1st and 2nd brood chambers. Permit bees to become accustomed to new entrance before installing trap.

Step Four: Drop trap into place in the evening when bees are in the hive and when pollen collection is desired.

Step Five: Place the drawer into the trap.

Reminder: Remove pollen by sliding the drawer out. Close trap entrance approximately every 5 days and open traditional entrance to allow the bees to store some pollen. Remember, pollen should be trapped only when there is a major pollen flow. Freshly trapped pollen is perishable and should be dried immediately until pellets do not cake when squeezed between fingers.


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