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How to Know When the Nectar Flow Begins and When to Add a Honey Super

Determining when to add a honey super can often be colony specific. Some may be ready and some not. Logic tells us that nature will be the first clue, but more than that – is THE hive ready?

Things to look for:

  • Nectar producing plants in bloom
  • A healthy population of bees both top and bottom box
  • Frames 80% drawn comb (virtually no empty frames)
  • White wax inside your hive
  • Nectar coming in and being stored in your hive

Adding “new” undrawn foundation in your supers? Continue to feed syrup for a week or so – allowing the bees time to start drawing comb on the new frames. Once a fist size of wax is being drawn, add your queen excluder and monitor as they are being filled. Add additional supers as they fill to 80%.

Let's join Blake as he walks us through a hive ready to add a super!


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