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If you buy a hive you may also need...

These are items we recommend if you are buying a Single Story Hive. We offer many option and you can shop our website to see them, however, we call this our "ideal" list.  If you have questions about these  items or other options please call and we are happy to discuss them with you!

Save time by placing an order for items you need prior to picking up your bees, simply chose the in-store pick up option at check out and we will have your order ready for you and load it in your vehicle when you arrive.

Woodenware (quantities are per hive):

(1) Deep painted boxes with frames and foundation (Combo)

(1) Medium painted box (Super) with frames and foundation (Combo)

(1) Division board feeder



(1) Hive tool

(1) Bee Brush

(1) Frame Grip

(1) Bee Smoker

Smoker Fuel

Personal Protection:

(1) Bee Suits

(1) Bee Gloves

Feed (quantities are per hive):

2.5 Gallons of Essential oil infused Syrup

(1) packet of Super DFM

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