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Bee Suits for Adults & Children - Full Beekeeper Protective Wear


  • Super suit.
    Super Suit Image

    Super Suit


    Unlike any other suit on the market - the one and only TBS Super Suit! This suit is built to last. Made of the toughest triple layer material we co...

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  • Air Mesh Suit for ultimate comfort and breathability
    Air Mesh Suit Image

    Air Mesh Suit


    Our Air Mesh Suit ensures you stay cool on hot days in the beeyard! The open netting on both the jacket and veil allow the breeze to flow through s...

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  • Premium Cotton Suit - Classic and comfortable attire for any occasion
    Premium Cotton Suit Image

    Premium Cotton Suit

    from $82.95

    This heavy duty cotton suit has many features to help protect you during your beekeeping! All zippers on this suit are non rusting YKK zippers. The...

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Protect Yourself with Our Premium Bee Suits

Safety should always be a top priority in beekeeping, and a high-quality beekeeping suit is essential in protecting yourself from potential injuries. Our bee suits are meticulously crafted to offer the highest level of protection, ensuring you can confidently care for your hives.

Bee Suit Options for Everyone

We believe everyone should have access to the best protective gear, so we provide beekeeping suits for adults and children. Our range includes a variety of styles and fit options, so you can find the perfect suit that meets your needs.

Functionality Meets Protection

Our bee suits are not just about protection; they are also designed with functionality in mind. Featuring pro-grade hood or veil netting and deep pockets for your tools and equipment, our suits allow you to easily carry out your beekeeping duties. With our gear, you can focus on the task, knowing you are fully protected. Explore our range of bee suits and step into the world of beekeeping with confidence!

Video - Full Bee Suite vs. Jacket vs. Veil Only

Video Description - What Suit to Pick?

In their video, James and Chari Elam conclude that while each type of protective gear has its own advantages and disadvantages, a beekeeper will eventually find the need for both a full bee suit and a jacket. The full suit offers the most comprehensive protection and is particularly important for extensive hive inspections or when dealing with aggressive bee colonies. On the other hand, a jacket can be more convenient for quick check-ups and is generally more comfortable to wear, especially during the hotter months. The choice of protective gear ultimately depends on the specific task and time of year—more beekeeping videos.

Bee Suit FAQs

How does a beekeeping suit work?

Our beekeeping suits are designed to offer maximum protection against bee stings. The material used in our bee suits is thick enough to prevent a bee's stinger from reaching your skin. It's important to ensure your bee suit is properly zipped up, with sleeves and trousers tucked into gloves and footwear to prevent bees from crawling inside. Also, ensure the bee veil mesh doesn't rest against your skin.

What is a beekeeping suit made of?

Our standard bee suits and children's bee suits are made from cotton. The gloves are made of goatskin for maximum hand protection.

What size do I need?

We have beekeeping suits available in various sizes to fit everyone, from toddlers to adults. Your beekeeping suit should be comfortably large to allow a full range of motion. Check out our handy size guide on each product page to find the right fit for you.

How much is a beekeeping suit?

At The Bee Supply, we offer a range of bee suits for sale, catering to different needs and budgets. You can find pricing details for each bee suit above. Remember, wearing protective gear is essential when keeping bees. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Choosing the Perfect Bee Suit: Safety, Comfort, and Style

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of a Bee Suit: Essential for beekeeper safety and confidence.
  • Variety of Options: From air mesh to premium cotton, suits for every need.
  • Highlighted Products: Featuring our top picks for bee suits with a focus on quality and style.

Introduction to Beekeeping Suits

Welcome to our buzzing world of beekeeping! Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, we know how crucial it is to have the right gear. At The Bee Supply, we're passionate about providing beekeepers with the best suits to ensure safety, comfort, and a bit of style while tending to your hives.

Understanding Bee Suits: Safety First

Regarding beekeeping, safety isn't just a precaution; it's a necessity. A good bee suit is your first line of defense against bee stings, allowing you to work with confidence. Let's dive into what makes a bee suit great – from the veil to the ankle straps.

Our Top Picks for Bee Suits

We've curated a selection of bee suits that stand out in safety and comfort. Here's a comparison table of our top picks:

Product Image Features Link
Air Mesh Suit Air Mesh Suit Breathable mesh material for comfort View Product
Green Patterned Suit (Child 4-8) with Fencing Veil Green Patterned Suit Perfect for young beekeepers, with round veil View Product
Super Suit Super Suit Ultimate protection with comfort View Product
Premium Cotton Suit Premium Cotton Suit Traditional cotton comfort with modern protection View Product

Air Mesh Suit: Breathe Easy While You Work

The Air Mesh Suit is a game-changer for those hot summer days in the apiary. Its breathable mesh material ensures you stay cool, without compromising on safety. Ideal for beekeepers who spend long hours tending to their hives.

For the Little Beekeepers: Green Patterned Suit

Beekeeping is a family affair, and our Green Patterned Suit is perfect for the young enthusiasts in your family. Specially designed for children aged 4-8, this suit offers protection and comfort, making their beekeeping adventures safe and enjoyable.

The Super Suit: Ultimate Protection and Comfort

Our Super Suit is the pinnacle of beekeeping attire. Offering unparalleled protection, it's designed for beekeepers who demand the best. Whether you're dealing with aggressive hives or just want extra peace of mind, the Super Suit has got you covered.

Premium Cotton Suit: Traditional Comfort with Modern Protection

Combining the classic comfort of cotton with modern protective features, the Premium Cotton Suit is a favorite among traditionalists. Durable, comfortable, and protective, it's a great choice for beekeepers who prefer a more classic look and feel.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bee Suit

When selecting your bee suit, consider the fit – it should be snug yet comfortable. The material is also important; choose one that suits your climate and working conditions. And don't forget the safety features – veils, gloves, and ankle straps are key.

Conclusion - Beekeeper Suit

Finding the right bee suit makes all the difference in your beekeeping experience. We invite you to explore our collection and find the suit that's perfect for you. Remember, with the right gear, every beekeeping journey can be safe, comfortable, and enjoyable!

Here is a great video from Blake Shook about mean bees and how to deal with them. Protective gear is a must in these types of situations.

Watch more about beekeeping and protective gear on our YouTube channel