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1. Return supers the same day after extracting in the late evening, thus allowing the hive to clean them up overnight. Supers placed back on hives in the middle of the day smell strongly of honey, and encourage robbing.

2. If robbing occurs, reduce the hive entrance. If the daytime temperatures are over 80, make sure to shade the hive, or use a screened bottom board to prevent overheating with a reduced entrance. Ensure the cover for the screened bottom board is removed.

3. Seal all cracks between boxes, and around the lid to ensure no robber bees can get into the hive.

4. Use internal feeders like the division board, or top feeder rather than entrance/Boardman feeders. Be careful not to spill syrup when feeding bees.

5.Don't spend more than a few minutes on hive inspections during a major dearth period.

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