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Beekeeping Supplies - $50-$100


  • Gallon of golden sweetness
    Sold out

    1 Gallon Honey


    This is one gallon (12lbs) of our finest honey! Our one gallon size comes with a convenient handle and a flip top, no drip lid for ease of use. Des...

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  • 5 lb beeswax
    5 lb beeswax
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    5 lb. Beeswax


    Our beeswax is naturally rendered. It maintains its beautiful amber color and honey fragrance. Beeswax has unlimited possible uses for arts and cra...

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  • Api bioxal 350g
    Api-Bioxal 350g product image


    from $10.95

    Varroa destructor mites (an external parasite) weaken honey bees and can lead to the demise of your hive if left untreated. Api-Bioxal is an oxali...

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  • Apimaye plastic deep pro frames.
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    Apimaye Plastic Deep PRO Frames


    Apimaye's plastic frames are specifically designed to complement their insulated beehives, providing a durable and convenient option for beekeepers.

  • Apivar


    from $18.90

    Apivar® Kills up to 99% of mites in one application Continuously released in the colony over a six-week period, ensuring healthy and productive hi...

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