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  • Elegant round veil with a convenient drawstring for a perfect fit.
    Round veil with drawstring.

    Round Veil with Drawstring


    Protect yourself with this high quality affordable veil! NOTE - Hat not included, Available here -  Full Bee Suits for you here.    

  • "High-quality 9" stainless steel hive tool for beekeeping tasks"
    9 inch stainless steel hive tool
    Sold out

    9" Stainless Steel Hive tool


    The hive tool is an essential tool in the bee yard! Easily pry open boxes and separate frames with this sturdy hive tool! Large hook end for prying.

  • 15 oz soap bars
    15 oz soap bars

    1.5 oz Soap Bars

    from $3.45

    These 1.5 oz guest soaps are made by Creek House Honey Farm. Beeswax soap will not only hydrate skin, it will heal damaged skin.

  • 1 gallon plastic bucket
    1 gallon plastic bucket

    1 Gallon Plastic Bucket


    Food grade, 1 gallon storage bucket. Perfect for storing your freshly harvest honey!   LID SOLD SEPARATELY

  • White Helmet for Safety and Style
    White Helmet on a black background

    White Helmet


    An all-plastic helmet with an adjustable terry cloth headband inside. Side louvers allow for great ventilation. To be used in conjunction with our ...

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  • A specialized frame used in beekeeping to rear new queen bees.
    Queen rearing frame.

    Queen Rearing Frame


    Completely assembled 9⅛" frame designed to hold  JZ-BZ Cell Bars Wood Cell Bars.

  • 9 1 2 hive tool pink
    9 1 2 hive tool pink
    Sold out

    9" Hive Tool - Pink


    The hive tool is an essential tool in the bee yard! Easily pry open boxes and separate frames with this sturdy hive tool! Large hook end for prying.

Discover top-tier beekeeping supplies at The Bee Supply, where seasoned expertise meets quality and care. Our selection is crafted to cater to every beekeeper's needs, whether you're starting out or expanding your apiary. Shop with us for the superior protection of our exclusive SUPER SUIT, the vitality of our packaged bees, and the personalized support that sets us apart.

Top-Selling Beekeeping Supplies at The Bee Supply:

  1. Bee Suits: Safeguard yourself with our durable and comfortable suits, a must-have for any beekeeper.

  2. Packaged Bees: Kickstart your hive with our healthy, vibrant packaged bees.

  3. Stan’s Soft Sugar Bricks: Ensure your hive's health through winter with this essential nourishment.

  4. Bee Feeders: Maintain a thriving colony with our easy-to-use feeders, perfect for any setup.

  5. Hive Tool: The indispensable ally for hive inspections and maintenance.

  6. Beekeeping Classes: Gain expert knowledge, on-site or virtually, for all experience levels.

  7. Apimaye Hives: Experience the future of beekeeping with these innovative, insulated hives for enhanced bee welfare.

Why Choose The Bee Supply for Your Beekeeping Needs?

At The Bee Supply, we understand that selecting the right beekeeping supplies can make all the difference in your apiary’s success. Here’s why countless beekeepers trust us for their equipment and educational resources:

  • Expertise: Founded by commercial beekeeper Blake Shook, our selection is backed by real-world experience and thousands of thriving hives.
  • Quality: We offer only the highest-quality products, including locally-sourced and meticulously crafted hives and beekeeping tools.
  • Customer Care: Our beekeeping experts are available to answer your questions, providing personalized advice and support year-round.
  • Community Connection: We foster strong beekeeping communities by offering free delivery to local clubs and hosting informative classes for all skill levels.
  • Innovation: As the exclusive distributor of the SUPER SUIT and innovative Apimaye hives, we’re at the forefront of beekeeping advancements.
  • Sustainability: At The Bee Supply, we're committed to environmentally friendly practices, ensuring a positive impact on the ecosystem and the future of beekeeping.

Choose The Bee Supply, where high-quality products and unparalleled customer service come together to help both your bees and your passion for beekeeping flourish.

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