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Bee Feeders for Beehives


Why Use Bee Feeders?

Climate, location, and the flowering cycles of plants can all impact the food available to your bees. Bee feeders allow you to provide supplemental nutrition to help your colony thrive. Whether it's sugar water, syrup, or Stan’s soft sugar bricks, the right feeder ensures your bees stay fed and healthy, particularly through the winter or drought periods.

Check out our video about trickle feeding:

Types of Bee Feeders

Boardman Entrance Bee Feeder ($6.88)

The Boardman Entrance Feeder is a classic, user-friendly option for those who prefer a simple and efficient feeding solution. This design lets you attach your Mason jar or a 5 lb. round jar directly at the hive entrance. It's an excellent choice for monitoring food levels and for ease of refill without disturbing the bees.

*Note: This feeder isn't recommended for cold weather or flow hives, as the position can make the feed susceptible to freezing, and it does not integrate well with the flow hive system.

Pro Bee Feeder ($16.23)

The Pro Feeder is a durable and sophisticated choice. It has a solid cap system and internal supports and's built to last. The revolutionary cap & ladder system minimizes bee drowning by confining them to the feeding area. This feeder also boasts an easy-to-clean design, preventing the queen from laying brood inside and reducing burr comb buildup. The textured interior wall offers a feeding surface for bees if you choose not to use the cap system.

Internal Sugar Brick & Patty TRAY/Feeder Shim - ($29.95)

The Internal Sugar Brick & Patty Tray is the perfect multipurpose bee feeder designed to prevent the woes of small hive beetles from infiltrating your bee feed. It provides ample space for sugar bricks or pollen patties and allows bees to feed from all angles while deterring pests.

This versatile tray can be placed between hive boxes or on top of the hive, depending on your colony's strength and the type of feed you're providing. While suitable for winter feeding, it's essential to monitor for excess burr comb during warmer seasons.

Top Feeder 10 Frame WHITE w/ Shallow Super

The Top Feeder 10 Frame with Shallow Super is your go-to for beekeepers looking for a high-capacity feeding solution. This feeder comes assembled, ready to use, and equipped with a galvanized steel safety screen that prevents bees from drowning. The sturdy plastic construction is built to last without leaks. With a capacity of up to 4 gallons, you can also reduce the frequency of refills.

Which Bee Feeder is Right for You?

As a new beekeeper, your choice of feeder will depend on factors such as the climate, the season, and the size of your colony. While the Boardman Entrance Feeder is perfect for easy access and quick replenishing, the Pro Feeder offers long-term durability and an anti-drowning design.

For those battling pests or needing a high-capacity solution, the Internal Sugar Brick & Patty Tray and the Top Feeder 10 Frame are both excellent choices. They provide versatility and convenience, allowing your bees to feed without obstruction or threat from common hive invaders.

In choosing your feeder, consider your hives' needs, your management style, and the local environment. Bee feeders not only contribute to the health of your colony but also to the joy and success of your beekeeping journey.

At The Bee Supply, we are committed to helping you succeed. Feel free to reach out to our team for personalized advice – we're here to share our knowledge and experience to support your beekeeping endeavors. Happy beekeeping!

Bee Feeders FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Bee Feeders

1. What is the purpose of a bee feeder?

A bee feeder is a device used by beekeepers to provide supplemental food to honey bees, especially when natural nectar sources are scarce...

2. Which type of bee feeder should I use for my hive?

The choice of bee feeder depends on your specific needs and hive setup. The Boardman Entrance Feeder is ideal for beginners...

3. Is there a risk of bees drowning in liquid feeders, and how can I prevent it?

Yes, drowning can be a risk when using liquid feeders. However, many feeders like the Pro Bee Feeder come with built-in safety features...

4. Can I use a bee feeder year-round, or are there specific times when it's recommended?

While feeders can be used year-round, they are typically necessary when bees cannot forage due to poor weather...

5. How often should I clean my bee feeders, and why is this necessary?

Cleaning frequency depends on the type of feeder and how quickly the bees consume the food. As a rule of thumb, feeders should be cleaned...


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