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Beekeeper Smokers and Fuel

Beekeeper Smokers and Fuel

  • Super Smoker

    The Super Smoker

    from $19.95

    Our completely rebuilt Super Smoker has several new features that make smoking bees so much easier! You get all the convenience of a top-notch smok...

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  • Alfalfa Smoker Fuel Bag

    Alfalfa Smoker Fuel


    Light up your smoker with Alfalfa Smoker Fuel pellets! 54 pellets are included to provide a long-lasting, cool white smoke - perfect for tending to...

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  • Burlap Smoker Fuel

    Burlap Premium Smoker Fuel


    Big bag of premium smoker fuel! This burlap burns clean and is easy to get started in your smoker.  This is truly the top choice of beekeepers.

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