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TBS is growing and we're taking you with us!

Hi Friends!

TBS is growing and we're taking you with us!

Although we're somewhat biased toward Texas’ iconic trademarks like our BBQ, State Fair, and of course beekeepers, our educational tools and innovative quality products are catching on outside Texas too!
As we expand our e-commerce sales to neighboring states, we need a name that will apply a bit more broadly but keep the same "TBS" that Texas beekeepers have come to know and trust.
Other than a slight name change, what you’ve come to depend on with TBS will remain the same – but as always, our plans are as big as Texas!
One big push for us in 2023 is creating more localized beekeeping education. In Texas alone, there are 4 different planting zones. When we began building tools and resources on how to keep bees in every zone and county in Texas, we went ahead and started doing the same for the entire USA. Growth is essential to fund those big ideas!
No, we haven't sold TBS or brought on investors. :) We are still Texas-based, with Texas-only stores. As we grow, however, our goal is to become better than ever. Better products, better prices, MORE localized practical education, and more resources than before. At our heart we love talking and teaching about bees; we just sell stuff to pay the bills to let us keep doing that! 

Thank you from all of us at TBS!

Owners - Blake, Lyndon & Tammy Shook

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