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2024 AFB Inoculated Marked Italian Queen Shipping Included


Marked Italian Purebred  - Inoculated with the Dalan Vaccine against American Foulbrood. (Shipping Cost Included)

Introducing our extraordinary Marked Italian Purebred Queen Bees, showcasing the pinnacle of quality and innovation in beekeeping. These majestic queens have all been inoculated with the revolutionary Dalan Vaccine and arrive to you already protected against American Foulbrood. They are also covered by our “Arrive Alive Guarantee” to erase any concern about shipping queens.

What sets our Italian Purebred queens apart is the groundbreaking Dalan technology and innovative process of transgenerational immune priming (TGIP). Through this, these queens bestow immunity upon their daughters even before they hatch. Dalan's medication, administered to the queens, activates a biological mechanism that fortifies the newly hatched honeybee larvae, rendering them resistant to infection.

Choosing queen bees inoculated with the Dalan medication from a preferred queen producer is an industry-first, non-chemical prophylactic solution and an investment in the future of your apiary.

But the advantages of these queens do not stop there and boast a range of elevated attributes including:

  • Gentle nature, making them easy to manage
  • Excelling in overwintering
  • Quick Spring build up
  • Strong foragers
  • Exceptionally hygienic
  • Prolific honey producers

Click here for detailed information from Dalan Animal Health representative Amy:



At The Bee Supply, we prioritize the support of our beekeepers and understand the apprehension with shipping queens. To provide you with peace of mind, we proudly stand behind our ARRIVE ALIVE GUARANTEE.

If, unfortunately, your queen bee does not arrive alive, we are committed to promptly addressing the issue. Simply email us clear photos of the queen cage and your shipping label within 24 hours of delivery, and we will take immediate action to reship a replacement at absolutely NO cost to you.

Certain exclusions may apply, so please reach out to our dedicated team to assess the situation and coordinate the replacement.




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