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New Beekeeper Supply List

Stage One: Necessities to Get Started

1. Bees
2. Deep Brood Box with Frame and Foundation - for brood and the queen
3. Top Cover with Inner Cover
4. Bottom Board
5. Protective Gear
          a. Full Bee Suit or Jacket with/without a Veil
          b. Gloves
          c. Smoker
6. Hive Tool
7. Feeder for Supplemental Syrup
8. Beginning Beekeeping Books: First Lessons in Beekeeping, Beekeeper's Problem Solver, The Beekeeper's Handbook
9. (Optional) Bee Brush

Stage Two: Honey Harvest

1. Medium or Shallow Box with Frames and Foundation - for your honey
2. Uncapping Knife and/or Scratcher
3. Queen Excluder
4. Bee Escape
5. Buckets or Bottles - to store your honey

Other Equipment:

1. Hive Stand
2. Extractor
3. Wax Melter
4. Pest Management Equipment/Chemicals


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